Coffee & Espresso

Coffee / Decaf                    

Caffe Au Lait



Americano on Buzz

Caffe Latte / Cappuccino

Caffe Mocha/ Vanilla

Caramel / White Mocha

Other Flavored Latte

Coffee Alternatives

Hot Chocolate

Chai / Green Tea Latte


Premium Loose Leaf Hot Tea

Tea Latte

Signature Drinks

Caramel Cinnamon Apple Cider


Java Chip        


Green Tea Smoothie 


Italian Sodas 


Fruitee Sweet Ice (Seasonal)

Avocado moothie (Seasonal)  

Fruit Smoothies

Bananaberry / Mangolada / Wildberry

Frosty Navel / Passionate Mango

Peach / Strawberry / Pina Colada

Banana / Mango / Passion Fruit


Pearl Drinks

Milk Tea  

   Traditional / Jasmine / Coffee / Taro

   Thai / Almond / Coconut / Honey

Ice Tea / Slush / Snow  

   Mango / Passion Fruit / Green Apple

   Peach / Pineapple / Honey

   Lemon / Lychee / Strawberry 


Also available are Coconut, Almond and Taro for Snows

Feel free to ask for Rainbow Jelly  and Popping Bobas (Mango, Strawberry, Passion Fruit)

as well~


Other Beverages


  Whole / 2% / Chocolate / Strawberry 



  Coke / Diet Coke / Dr. Pepper / Diet Dr. Pepper / Sprite

  Monster (Blue, Green and Zero) / Red Bull



  Orange / Apple / Capri Sun / Minute Maid Juice Box



  Bottled Water / Perrier / Vitamin Water / Gatorade / Powerade